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2020 Featured Display

by The Bellarine Vintage Machinery Group

Processing the grain.

This year's feature display from the vintage machinery section will be a display of vintage equipment found on farms.

Many farms had their own equipment for grinding, rolling and sorting the grain. Members and visitors will be displayed and operating a range of grain hammer mills, crushers and rollers. The grain crusher/rollers were a common site on many farms years ago, with the grain being processed before being used as feed to the livestock. Manufactures were varied with the majority being made in Australia, in a range of sizes and designs.

This year's special feature attraction will be a "Clayton and Shuttleworth" thrasher, this will be the thrashers first public outing. Graham Brown has completed this "from the ground up restoration" over the last two years, being a fully wooden structure it required major structural repairs. Clayton and Shuttleworth were leading English manufactures of agricultural thrashing machines and steam engine before the first world war, but the company did not move with the times and failed in the 1930s.The straw dropping from the thrasher will be baled by a Geelong built Humble straw press and powered by Daniel Elstone's Ruston Proctor portable steam engine.


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