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Best vintage tractor.

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2018 Vintage Display.

This year members from the Bellarine Vintage Machinery Group will be displaying “Market Garden Equipment” and “Cutting Wood”.

The Bellarine Peninsula has from the first European settlement, had an agricultural industry base. Due to its close proximity to the Melbourne market, many market gardeners set up on the Peninsula suppling fresh vegetables.  The vegetables would be picked and sent by “steamer” across the bay to go on sale at the Melbourne markets. Before the days of rail or fast road connection the “steamer” crossing the bay was the perfect solution. The vegetable crops grown in the area varied between corn, carrots, peas, potatoes and onions. The “Belllarine Onion Drill” was invented it 1877 by James Grieve of Drysdale.

Another rural activity conducted on every farm was the cutting of wood. Firstly, for clearing the land for crops to be planted, to cutting timber for the construction of building, creating posts for fencing, and fire wood. Farmers and their workers first started cutting timber by hand with axes and saws, then with the development of steam power and the combustion engine, a larger scale of timber cutting could be done with lower amounts of labour required.


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