Rules & Regulations

PIC Number: 3GG PA 135
STEWARD: Karen Woodhart
CONTACT: 0422 757 220



Ring 1: Carol Anderson

Ring 2: Ray Butler

 Ring 3: Michelle Bryant


Enter online here via Nominate


Conditions of Entry:

All rings commence at 9am

  1. All entries to be received via NOMINATE. There will be no entries on the day.
  2. Entries Close 5pm, 9 March 2024
  3. All class entry fee $8.00 per class
  4. Compulsory vehicle entry fee $20 which will be charged via nominate.
  5. The committee reserve the right to alter, add or delete from the program or combine classes where necessary.
  6. All rings will break at 12pm and recommence at 1pm (depending on each judge some might want to keep going on though lunch).
  7. All protests must be lodged in writing with the Secretary no later than fifteen minutes after the event in dispute, and must be accompanied by a fee of $100 which shall be refunded if the protest is upheld or deemed to be justified.
  8. All horses entered in specified height classes are to be measured and must be shown in their current recorded height group, breed classifications, age groups and classes. Random height checks apply. All horses in open saddle classes may be asked to produce a current EFA, SHC, VASA height certificate. If proof is not forthcoming on the day of the Show, or within 2 weeks of Show, prize/performance will be forfeited.
  9. The definition of NOVICE is a horse, rider or driver that hasn't won at any Agricultural show up to the day of this show.
  10. Ridden entries are not allowed to compete except in specified ridden stallion classes.
  11. The committee and society accept no responsibility for any injury damage or loss sustained by any competitor, spectator animal or equipment.
  12. The judge's decision is final.
  13. Competitors are not permitted to enter the ring once judging has commenced
  14. No admittance shall be allowed in judging rings except to judges, officials and exhibitor.
  15. Prizes - ribbons to fourth place for all classes, sashes for champion and reserve.
  16. Exhibits receiving champion in rings 1, 2, or 3 are not eligible to compete in the other ring.
  17. Exhibits being show in HUNTER classes are not eligible to compete in OPEN HACK classes and vice versa.
  18. Judges will NOT WAIT for late entries.
  19. OTT Thoroughbred prize money is posted (by VAS) once the horse has been verified to be correctly registered according to the rules. There are forms to complete once you have won class to confirm we have all your details.
  20. No refund on entries.
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