Rules & Regulations

  • Entries must be made on the official entry form, and telephone entries will not be received unless confirmed in writing.
  • Entries to the Show are accepted subject to the rules and regulations and by-laws.
  • The entrant agrees to be bound by those rules and regulations and by-laws.
  • The entrant also agrees to abide by all decisions made by the Society, by the Group with which it is affiliated or by V.A.S.L. Pursuant to those rules and regulations and by-laws.
  • No decision so made shall be called into question by the entrant before any court or other body (whether or not of a similar nature not a court whatsoever).
  • The committee reserves the right to amend, delete or alter classes without notice.
  • If in the opinion of the judges, the exhibit in any class is not worthy of a prize, no award need be given.
  • All prize money to be collected from the Secretary’s office on the day or forfeit.
  • Positive identification of all animals must be produced upon demand.
  • All stock entered in any class, if over the specified age, will be disqualified.
  • No responsibility will be accepted by the Society for any loss or damage to exhibits. The condition of entry for exhibits and of persons to the showgrounds is that the Society cannot be held responsible for any damages, cost for any injury, damage or accidents to any persons, exhibit or property that occurs within the Showground. All persons entering the grounds or competing do so at their own risk.
  • Stewards will be appointed to accompany Judges to prevent interference and to provide information and assistance to both the Judge and exhibitor.
  • The committee reserves the right of refusing, cancelling or rejecting any entry without giving reason for so doing.
  • Decision reached by the committee shall be final.
  • The committee may withhold any prize where it may be proved beyond reasonable doubt that an exhibitor has made false or misleading statements, and the exhibitor and their stock may be disqualified and debarred from competing at this show for a period to be determined by the committee. A member is also liable to expulsion from the Society.
  • All persons causing annoyance by either loud comments on judges decisions to unseemly or insulting behaviour will, after having been cautioned by a committee member, judge or steward be liable to expulsion from the ground or disqualification of exhibit.
  • Any judge or steward may order any animal not under proper control to be removed from the grounds.
  • Any animal entered in any competition may be asked to comply with a random drug swab
  • By completing an entry form to compete at the Bellarine Show, you will be supplying the Bellarine Agricultural Society with your ‘personal information.’  Without these details, the society will not be able to register your entry. This information is required for administration purposes including, but not limited to, where applicable, Membership Renewal Notices or recording the fact that you are an exhibitor or competitor at the Bellarine Show. We may also print your name in the media, if you have received a place. If legal, heath or safety issues arise; we may be required to disclose information to relevant organisations that deal with these matters.
  • Unless specified otherwise all judging commences at 9 am on show day.
  • Judges WILL NOT WAIT for late entries in any class.


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